I Was Always The Fat Kid, Never Being Picked For A Team At School

Today I wanted to share one of our lovely Lady’s posts on our private accountability group as it rang true for me and probably so many of you out there:

When people ask me why I love Bootcamp, I tell them it’s warm, friendly, encouraging and makes you work hard.

But what I really love after 45 years of being the fat kid, never being picked first for a team and thinking that fit is for other people, is that warm feeling you have when you need to pair up in a session and someone much fitter than you comes over and says ‘want to pair up?’

Because all they see is another person on a journey, not quite there yet, but trying as hard as they can.

No one gets that feeling if you’ve not been there. That’s what I love about Bootcamp

And this Ladies is…

why I love my job AND 
why Body Burn Ladies is so successful AND
why so many of our amazing Ladies reach their goals AND
and why many friendships form

So, whatever you age, wherever you are on your fitness journey, if you want to come along and see what we are about and why we are so different from all the commercial gyms out there, meet some of our lovely ladies and get an idea of what we do in sessions,  use the contact button and we can get you booked in for a sessions.

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