How Many Times Do You Say…

How Many Times Do You Say…

How many times have you had a bad weekend and then vowed on a Monday to be better next week?

How many times have you been out on a night out and drunk far too much and woke up and said to yourself you’re never drinking again?

How many times have you failed to get to the gym 3 times in the week as you had promised you would do?

We all have those times when we set ourselves unrealistic targets and then fail because we have not properly planned the process.

But you can achieve whatever you put your mind to with a little bit of investment into planning.

Firstly set your goal

set a time frame and be realistic if you know that you want to lose a stone remember how long it took to put on the stone you want to lose

Do not be too ambitious

Do not beat yourself up if there is a setback

Ask for help if you get stuck

If you are looking for some help in trying to achieve your health and fitness goals use the contact button and we can arrange a time to have a chat and a free trial.

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I Was Always The Fat Kid, Never Being Picked For A Team At School

I Was Always The Fat Kid, Never Being Picked For A Team At School

Today I wanted to share one of our lovely Lady’s posts on our private accountability group as it rang true for me and probably so many of you out there:

When people ask me why I love Bootcamp, I tell them it’s warm, friendly, encouraging and makes you work hard.

But what I really love after 45 years of being the fat kid, never being picked first for a team and thinking that fit is for other people, is that warm feeling you have when you need to pair up in a session and someone much fitter than you comes over and says ‘want to pair up?’

Because all they see is another person on a journey, not quite there yet, but trying as hard as they can.

No one gets that feeling if you’ve not been there. That’s what I love about Bootcamp

And this Ladies is…

why I love my job AND 
why Body Burn Ladies is so successful AND
why so many of our amazing Ladies reach their goals AND
and why many friendships form

So, whatever you age, wherever you are on your fitness journey, if you want to come along and see what we are about and why we are so different from all the commercial gyms out there, meet some of our lovely ladies and get an idea of what we do in sessions,  use the contact button and we can get you booked in for a sessions.

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6 Reasons Why Maybe You’re Not Losing Weight

6 Reasons Why Maybe You’re Not Losing Weight

We all know the basic principle for losing weight, burn more calories than you consume.

However, I hear many conversations with the Ladies before sessions that sometimes it can feel like you are doing everything right, and still you can’t seem to get the results you want.

Now, as you know I don’t really like focusing on weight as a measure for success, but if your clothes are feeling a little more snug than usual and you seem to be doing everything by the books, here some of the reasons you could be gaining weight, or not losing it for that matter.

1  Your hormones are out of whack
Hormones play a key role in your ability to gain or lose weight. In particular, low thyroid levels, or excess estrogen, can be a major cause to gaining weight and storing unwanted fat. If you are struggling to lose weight, have your hormone levels checked.

2  You are stressed out
Some people lose weight when they are stressed out, but others put weight on. Cortisol is a stress hormone, that when raised can make the body store fat and make you put on weight.   Cortisol level also affects your immune function and concentration levels.

3  Prescription medication
There are a lot of prescription medications available that can lead to weight gain, whether the weight gain itself is a side effect or they increase your appetite, making you hungrier and eating more than you should. Common medication culprits are the contraceptive pill and anti-depressants. If you think your prescription medication could be the cause of your weight gain, always speak to your doctor.

4  You have bad digestion
Digestive issues, including bloating and slow bowel movements can lead to excess pounds. Ideally, you should have a bowel movement one or two hours after eating. There are many causes of digestive issues, including bad gut bacteria, food intolerances, or medications. Taking a good probiotic can help, but if problems persist talk to a doctor to find out if you have any other underlining medical conditions.

5 You aren’t sleeping well
Sleep is so important for your overall health and wellbeing. Not only does a good nights sleep mean you have better brain function, it’s also super important for the body to be efficient at burning calories. One bad night’s sleep can increase the body’s ghrelin levels (which is the hormone that makes you hungry). This is often why when we haven’t slept well, we want to eat all those sugary bad foods. It also reduces leptin (which is the hormone that promotes satiety), making it easy to overeat the next day.
Try and get at least 7 hours of good quality sleep a night. Doing things like turning off your electronics a few hours before bed, can help you reach that deeper sleep a lot quicker.

6  You are consuming hidden or excessive calories without realizing
Sometimes ‘healthy’ food can be the worst thing is, because you think it’s healthy, you tend to eat more of it. Foods like breakfast muesli or snack bars are some of the worst culprits for this, as they are often high in fat and/or sugar.
Another common food people tend to overeat is nuts. Yes, they are good for you, but if you aren’t sticking to one portion size (a small handful), then you could be increasing your daily calories drastically. Be mindful of what you are eating, stick to appropriate portion sizes and read the labels.

When you are on a health and fitness journey, there will be times that can be frustrating, especially when you aren’t getting the results you want. Remember, sometimes what works for someone else may not always work for you. That is why it’s so important you learn to listen to your body, be patient and keep going.

Dedicated to your Health

Why You Shouldn’t Get Hung Up About Those Darn Scales!

Why You Shouldn’t Get Hung Up About Those Darn Scales!

Scales like the word diet should be banned as far as I’m concerned.

If I had $1 for every time I said, it’s only one measurement – I would be really really rich!!

And today I want to share Kerry’s story with you.

Kerry joined us just before Christmas.  She has an amazing WHY as she’s getting married in a couple of weeks.

But not only that, a working mom with young children, she wanted to improve her fitness more than anything – to keep up with them.

Now if you look at Kerry on paper, you might think we have failed her based on the scales, she has only lost 7.1 lbs.


I had the most amazing message from her this week, having gone for her final wedding dress fitting, she was delighted to tell me that she had indeed dropped the two dress sizes she was hoping for.

So while her weight may not have reduced significantly, Kerry’s fitness has improved massively.

She can go faster, longer and heavier.

So remember ladies, 1lb of fat weighs exactly the same as 1lb of muscle, only muscle takes up less room!

And the bloody scales are not the only measurement.

Dedicated to your Health

My Diets Not Bad and I Train Every Day But I’m Not Losing Any Weight!

My Diets Not Bad and I Train Every Day But I’m Not Losing Any Weight!

This is the comment I get the most from women I work with, but this means nothing to me unless you are specific.

What I mean is you need to track everything you do – both good and bad.

Start with a food diary write down everything that goes in your mouth before you have even eaten it.  The tracking allows for you to see habits and then you can work on changing the habits or change foods to see if this has an effect.

The same goes for your training – track what you are doing, write down what weights you have been lifting and then when it gets comfortable and you can easily do 8-10 reps you can then move up a weight.

This also allows for you to see progression which is essential to improving.  Remember your weight is just one element of adopting a lifestyle change.

Get real with what is going on and don’t lie because the only person you are lying to is yourself.

Dedicated to your Health

Worst Way to Get In Shape

Question for the ladies: Are you Making a HUGE MISTAKE when it comes to your fitness goals and getting in shape?

>>The thing about the ladies in Body Burn is that there are VERY FEW fresh beginners in our program. Almost all of our ladies have tried diet and exercise in the past (and are even still LOCKED into their memberships at other gyms) but for whatever reason they have not been able to see the sort of results that they are looking for – in short: THEY FEEL STUCK!

*Does this sound like you? – then you may be making a HUGE MISTAKE!

>>If you are spending more than 20 minutes a day doing Cardio or using the treadmill then you are doing WAY TOO MUCH CARDIO!

I know I know! It works!! BUT ONLY AT FIRST! In fact – most ladies find that after they lose the first 10 pounds or so with running or the elliptical they are seemed to get “stuck”. So the half mile jog turns into a 2 mile run – but still the results just arent what they used to be…..what’s worse – even though you have lost a few sizes you definitely don’t feel like you’re “toning up” and seeing any more muscle definition!

SO WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT IT?! – The answer is simple : RESISTANCE TRAINING! Believe it or not the very best way to shed unwanted inches fast is to INCREASE YOUR MUSCLE MASS! **Don’t worry!! I am not talking about getting big and bulky! I mean getting lean and tone.

Ya see for every pound of muscle you add your body burn an extra 30-50 calories a day….while you rest! (That ladies is a little thing we like to call metabolism, you can get in shape when you’re not even working out!)

HERE’S WHAT TO DO: Switch your focus in the gym to spending 75% of your time with some sort of resistance equipment in your hand. Remember that you don’t have to be short of breath and red in the face to be getting a good , effective workout.

NOT SURE WHAT TO DO WITH THE WEIGHTS? : This is a common thing actually. Let’s face it – The thought of Women doing weight training tends to have a negative stigma for some reason, But here at Body Burn we KNOW that the best way to see amazing results is to use a little resistance training. We also know that most ladies feel COMPLETELY LOST when it comes to resistance training. So as a solution all of our members are with a trainer – every day. (Like up to 6 days a week).

The idea is that we want to make sure that our clients are completely understanding how to train and eat properly so that they not only get the results they have always wanted – but that they know how to make them last.

>>If you’d like to find out more about our Ladies only Program at Body Burn to get in shape then inbox the page to get all of the details 🙂


Commit to be Fit

Fitness starts in your mind. Ask any athlete or fit person what the number one secret is to his success at fitness, and he will tell you it is commitment.

Commitment means that you are in it for the long haul. Commitment rises above bad days, hectic schedules and volatile emotions. Commitment hangs in there when you don’t want to do it, when you don’t feel like doing it and when you don’t have time to do it.

True commitment doesn’t depend on how you feel. It depends on your integrity and on living for the purpose you have set for yourself.

Are you committed to get fit?

No Weekend Warriors

Committing to be fit eliminates the weekend warrior syndrome. You may know a weekend warrior. He is the person who does little physical exercise during the week, but when the weekend arrives, he blasts out of the gate like a stallion on Derby Day. In a desperate attempt to make up for his sedentary behavior all week, he goes to the gym or hits the pavement, pushing himself to the limit.

The result, however, is not what he expects.

He will likely end up with an injury, because his muscles, tendons and joints are not conditioned for the intensity of his exercise.

But he is also not getting in shape, because he is not committed. Physical fitness depends on consistency. And consistency requires commitment. It takes consistent, near-daily exercise to cause your body to make the changes that bring about fitness. For example, your joints and tendons will strengthen, your aerobic base will improve as your body becomes more efficient at utilizing oxygen and ridding itself of carbon dioxide, and your endurance will increase.

In fact, that you do something consistently is as important, or maybe even more important, than what you actually do. Even if you are just doing low intensity walking, doing it every day is infinitely better than doing something more strenuous only occasionally.

But the real rewards come when you not only commit to intense workouts, but you also commit to being consistent with those workouts.


In order to get fit, you do not need expensive clothes, fancy home-gym equipment or a complicated workout plan.

What you need is commitment. If you are committed, the rest of the pieces will fall into place

You can start today. Don’t overthink this. Just start, and commit to doing something every single day.

Do you have a workout partner?

Studies show working out with a partner has more benefits than hitting the gym solo. Doing a workout with a friend, coworker, or significant other can increase accountability, keep spirits high, and even spur better results.

Motivating yourself to work out several times a week doesn’t come easy. While strength training and cardio should be part of every fitness plan, it gets all too tempting to hit the snooze button when it’s all work and no play in your fitness regime.

Increase your level of motivation with group exercise classes. These sessions are more than just loud music, fast movements and shouts of encouragement that are seen and heard in the studio at the gym.

Here is the number 1 reason why our group training program is getting amazing results:

Group Support: Have you ever started a diet…and then GAINED WEIGHT? Sometimes despite our best efforts – we can have a few hiccups in our program. Often times this can be enough to shoot your plane right out of the sky -SO DON’T FLY SOLO!  It can be game changing when you are surrounded by like-minded ladies who are going through the same journey and can share the same struggles (and solutions) along the way. That is why we mainly work with busy ladies (mostly moms) age 30 and over. These ladies know what it is like to run the kids around all day, work a full time job, and still have th get everyone fed and ready for the next day!  

But all of these struggles seem small when you know that your friends are waiting to see you at the studio, and who are cheering you on all along the way.

At Body Burn you’ll have a whole group to reap these benefits with.  🙂

Feeling stress? You’re not alone.

Stress is an inevitable part of our modern existence. Whether you’re the CEO of a large company, a Kindergarten teacher or a construction worker, you have stress to deal with. We all have bills to pay, relationships to maintain and challenges to get through.

But you don’t have to let it get the best of you. How can you turn your stress-filled life on its head?

With one of the best weapons against stress: exercise.

When stress is getting you down, you need something to kick you out of your funk. You need something that makes you feel good.

Every time you exercise, you increase your body’s production of endorphins.

In case you have forgotten, endorphins are responsible for those good moods you get in after a race or the euphoria you feel while chomping down on a piece of chocolate.

However, before you grab a piece of chocolate and skip the gym, remember the end result of each and choose which one will help you battle stress in the long run. (Hint: It’s not the chocolate.)

Any and all exercise you perform helps you fend off the effects of stress. So whether you enjoy jogging, lifting weights, playing basketball, practicing ballet, swimming, yoga, rowing, or boxing, simply getting involved in your exercise of choice is sure to help reduce your stress.

Through the Brick Wall: If you are working out every day and not getting the relief you want then it’s time to do things a little different. If all you do is lift weights five days a week, you should add in tennis or racquetball a couple days a week. And if you’re all cardio all the time, it may be time to get off the treadmill and grab a dumbbell or two.

Still not working? Keep a diary of your progression. Write down how long and hard you exercise, the various weights you lift, and the steps you make toward whatever health goal you set for yourself. Take pictures along the way as well. Then look back over your journal on occasion. Seeing the progression when you feel you’re not making progress may give you the confidence you need to put stress in its place and move on.

My mission is to get each and every one of my clients the body that they desire and along with that a low stress lifestyle.

Take the guesswork out of planning your own workouts by joining one of my high-energy, fat-blasting exercise programs.

Dedicated to your health,

Daythan Nottke NASM CPT – Owner of Body Burn Women’s Fitness Ceneter