My Diets Not Bad and I Train Every Day But I’m Not Losing Any Weight!

This is the comment I get the most from women I work with, but this means nothing to me unless you are specific.

What I mean is you need to track everything you do – both good and bad.

Start with a food diary write down everything that goes in your mouth before you have even eaten it.  The tracking allows for you to see habits and then you can work on changing the habits or change foods to see if this has an effect.

The same goes for your training – track what you are doing, write down what weights you have been lifting and then when it gets comfortable and you can easily do 8-10 reps you can then move up a weight.

This also allows for you to see progression which is essential to improving.  Remember your weight is just one element of adopting a lifestyle change.

Get real with what is going on and don’t lie because the only person you are lying to is yourself.

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