Worst Way to Get In Shape

Question for the ladies: Are you Making a HUGE MISTAKE when it comes to your fitness goals and getting in shape?

>>The thing about the ladies in Body Burn is that there are VERY FEW fresh beginners in our program. Almost all of our ladies have tried diet and exercise in the past (and are even still LOCKED into their memberships at other gyms) but for whatever reason they have not been able to see the sort of results that they are looking for – in short: THEY FEEL STUCK!

*Does this sound like you? – then you may be making a HUGE MISTAKE!

>>If you are spending more than 20 minutes a day doing Cardio or using the treadmill then you are doing WAY TOO MUCH CARDIO!

I know I know! It works!! BUT ONLY AT FIRST! In fact – most ladies find that after they lose the first 10 pounds or so with running or the elliptical they are seemed to get “stuck”. So the half mile jog turns into a 2 mile run – but still the results just arent what they used to be…..what’s worse – even though you have lost a few sizes you definitely don’t feel like you’re “toning up” and seeing any more muscle definition!

SO WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT IT?! – The answer is simple : RESISTANCE TRAINING! Believe it or not the very best way to shed unwanted inches fast is to INCREASE YOUR MUSCLE MASS! **Don’t worry!! I am not talking about getting big and bulky! I mean getting lean and tone.

Ya see for every pound of muscle you add your body burn an extra 30-50 calories a day….while you rest! (That ladies is a little thing we like to call metabolism, you can get in shape when you’re not even working out!)

HERE’S WHAT TO DO: Switch your focus in the gym to spending 75% of your time with some sort of resistance equipment in your hand. Remember that you don’t have to be short of breath and red in the face to be getting a good , effective workout.

NOT SURE WHAT TO DO WITH THE WEIGHTS? : This is a common thing actually. Let’s face it – The thought of Women doing weight training tends to have a negative stigma for some reason, But here at Body Burn we KNOW that the best way to see amazing results is to use a little resistance training. We also know that most ladies feel COMPLETELY LOST when it comes to resistance training. So as a solution all of our members are with a trainer – every day. (Like up to 6 days a week).

The idea is that we want to make sure that our clients are completely understanding how to train and eat properly so that they not only get the results they have always wanted – but that they know how to make them last.

>>If you’d like to find out more about our Ladies only Program at Body Burn to get in shape then inbox the page to get all of the details 🙂


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